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King's Mozambique was pioneered by Pastor Kaulana Correa, who left Maui, Hawaii in 2012 to begin church planting in central Mozambique. At present, she is joined by Minister Clerisnan Costa, D.D.S. as they build churches that help Mozambicans experience life, power, and find their God given purpose. 

March 2024

The month of March we have focused on strengthening our churches in Gorongosa. It is a 5 hour drive from Beira, Mozambique. 

Saturday we did a service in our new extension in Tazaronda.  It was my first service there.  I preached on the Resurrection as an evangelistic prep for Easter.  Nearly the whole audience responded for Salvation.  The Holy Spirit came and blessed the audience with His gentle mercy.  It was sweet and tender.  I was deeply moved and awed at the Lord's tenderness for the people.

Sunday we did a "pre" Easter service with King's Tambarara.  It was refreshing to be with our church there.  There were several new people who had joined the church recently.  It was our communion Sunday for them.  I also preached the Resurrection of Jesus.
We  have almost 30 families and I thank the Lord for using King's to be a blessing in this corner of the world. Thank you for your prayers and continual encouragement. Please pray for these communities to grow in the TRUTH of God's Word and also the maturity of Christ through the Holy Spirit's help. And also please pray for the construction of the new churches needed in Gorongosa; that the money may be provided and that nothing will be stolen. In Jesus' name, AMEN!

Children's ministry performance during Saturday's service in Tazaronda (Gorongosa).
Youth Ministry presentation for Sunday's service in Tambarara!
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Dr. Costa and Pastor Kaulana with the new soccer ministry started in Nhamessenguere!

Visiting King's Mhapalalanga in July 2023. 

Encouraging the believers in Nhamatanda!

Celeiro, one of our new children's ministry workers, teaching the kids about creation. 

September and October 2023

Aloha everyone, 

        In July, we visited two groups in Nhamatanda and Mhapalalanga who wanted to join King's. Upon our initial assessing, we committed to sending our evangelistic team to minister to them every two weeks.

        At the end of July, I returned to Maui to attend the wedding of my granddaughter, the first grandchild to marry! It was a blessed time with family and I am thankful I was able to be there with family. Unfortunately, tragedy struck at that time, with wildfires destroying a large portion of the town of Lahaina. The King’s Maui church was able to offer much help in rescue and aid efforts. To God be the glory!

        On my way back to Mozambique, I was able to stop in South Africa and preach in an AOG Portuguese speaking church in Johannesburg. I arrived back to Mozambique mid-September, and Dr. Costa and I immediately got to work on starting two new extensions in Nhamessenguere and Chinamacondo, which are west of the city of Beira. We did a week-long outreach in Nhamessenguere with the help of the ministry, Mercy Air, that transported our various teams via helicopter since that area is very remote and difficult to access by road.

        We began our church there through the formation of a youth soccer program to attract so many that have no jobs and no purpose. Part of our vision is to develop micro-businesses and industry for the villagers in that area. We also trained up children's ministry leaders, did hut to hut evangelism, and offered dental/medical treatment during the week. We already have a place for a church building there and hopefully we will begin construction early 2024. In November, we will do the same outreach in Chinamacondo!


        The city of Beira is our next immediate priority as Dr. Costa will be leaving in December for the USA to receive King's training and do fund-raising for the mission-field, he will be closing his dental clinic for the year that he is in the USA. Him and his family will be partnering with King’s Springfield and will be helping Pastor Janelle Marocco strengthen and expand King’s Worldwide.

        Our vision in Beira is to buy a building that can accommodate a sanctuary, a preschool, a youth center, and a health clinic. We have found a property here that has everything that we need and it is on the main avenue here in Beira. It is for sale for $500,000, turn-key price. If we buy this property it will give us a very strong presence in Mozambique and eastern Africa! So I invite you to contend with me for this property, trusting Jesus to send us a donor or several donors to purchase this building. Let’s pray for miraculous provision by the end of 2023!


        PRAYER LIST:

  • Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, especially for a spirit of holiness.

  • PROVISION: We are now in 3 construction projects.  Our priority is Gorongosa.  Pray the Lord increase our finances and more people join in to support us. In BEIRA, that we can purchase this property and building.  There's a lot of money out in the world, we need favor for people to send the money to King's Mozambique.

  • Protection for Dr. Costa and I as we continue our commission in Mozambique.

  • HEALTH—That the Lord keep me in good health,  rebuking the enemy's plans for destroying us.  I've had a couple of very bad attacks that kept me down for some days. Pray for healing and restored health.

  • Pray for my strength so I can visit the extensions and encourage them.

  • Pray the Lord send a partner who will help move our vision and projects forward.  I'm asking for a married couple who speak Portuguese, that are from King’s who can manage the ministry and will be here for 5 years or more.

  • That the church here INCREASE IN PRAYER.

  • We NEED Worship teams.  We have none. Worship is necessary to usher in the Holy Spirit.

Thank you all for prayerful and financial support

(when giving at church, please mark your offering


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