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Sam & Angela Raj  

April-May 2024

Warm greetings from Kota Kinabalu! The church is slow-moving, but we definitely have not lost our focus.

The Church is focused on evangelizing and discipling. In April, we had 4 young boys, who attend our youth services, be baptized!! This is a massive victory for the church here because Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country. These four young men are being discipled in the Word and are currently being trained up to become musicians and worshippers.

Six leaders are presently training extensively to take up more responsibilities in Church matters and/or ministries.

Please pray for us to continue persevering with boldness in sharing the love of Christ to everyone around us. We need the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to be able to do this.

As for the school, it is doing well with 110 enrollment to-date. Ninety percent of our students are not Christian, however we are able to teach them Biblical principles without resistance. We are building bridges to reach out to parents of these students. Students from Christian background are being connected to youth ministry at Church.

We thank God that the school license for “King’s Guidance & Resource Centre” has been approved by the government. With this we are free to advertise and could take hold of more opportunities to reach out and be noticed by the communities! 

Our KGRC teachers

Our KGRC students

Two of our recent baptisms and the youth group

UPDATE September-October 2023


Praise Reports:  

Books are coming in from everywhere for our classrooms and library, and also, financial support for some teachers in the school as well.

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray ambundant supply of finances for King’s Guidance & Resource Centre (school)

2. University evangelism among Hindu students & growth in our young adults & youth fellowship

3. Restore to health - Ps. Allan Dass (a senior pastor) was left with partial paralysis probably due to brain tumor.

4. This weekend I’ll be ministering at Canaan Church AOG Kuala Lumpur. They will be supporting the salary for one of our teachers for a full year.

5. Our congregation to be baptized with a deep passion and devotion for the Lord and His ministry.

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