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King's Indonesia

January 2024

We have been very busy with advancing God's kingdom here in King's Indonesia. At the close of 2023 we baptized over 50 people. This year has also been marked by a great time in God's presence at our new year conference. Please continue to support us with prayer and encouragement. Please pray that funds will come in to help with sending our evangelism teams out and also to build up new church locations. Thank you!

UPDATE (September-October 2023)

  • We have ongoing online Bible college with 45 Students and just last Friday (09/2023) we started a new on-site Class with 25 students in small island of Indonesia called Nias Island. All of them (online and on-site students) are in the ministries. They all have a burden to plant churches. And our materials for teaching them are for their materials to run and to plant Churches. Most of them have been pastoring Churches. They want to study in our Bible college to learn more how to plant and to run more church extensions.


  • This October we are going to have 2 Leader retreats on 2 islands. One is in Sumatra island of Indonesia with 50 Leaders (Pastors and ministers) from 25-27 of this October. Another is in Java island of Indonesia with 40 Leaders (Pastors and ministers) from 3-4 of this October. The purpose of these retreats are to unite our hearts and vision to plant more Churches, so that by 2025 we will have 300 Churches. Now we still have 65 Extensions.




  • Please pray for a Bible college campus. We need a campus to accommodate the students who will be sent by our churches in the remote islands of Indonesia to be equipped to plant churches and to run churches of King's Indonesia.


We have been praying for a property that is for sale which measures 2,000 square meters which can serve as a Bible college campus in my city which will cost $450.000 USD. The building can accommodate 300 students plus rooms for teachers, staff, and for the church. Please pray for the finances to come in for this. 

Please also intercede with us to get accreditation from the Indonesian government, which we need to open our school.


  • Pray for financial support to cover all travel expenses of our ministry team to be able to go all around Indonesia and Malaysia to plant churches.


  • In 2 weeks time, I will have meeting with some church planters on the island of Kalimantan. Please pray for safe travels, open doors, and favor. 


  • Please pray that God send me a reliable vehicle! I need a car for traveling to the villages. My current car is out of order.

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