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King's CHILE

Pastor Italo & Pastor Sharon began the ministry over 30 years ago they now oversee the works throughout Italy and Spain. 

 Pastor Bruno and Pastor Heather Frigoli are leading the church in Santiago and have 7 extensions throughout Chile.
Pastors Bruno & Heather Frigoli
Pastors Italo & Sharon Frigoli

Rosario, Argentina

Our June 2024 spotlight is the city of Rosario, Argentina with Pastors Marcelo and Rosana Torrico. King's Rosario organized a family evangelistic event on the street, in the neighborhood where they have a feeding program. In this event, families and children were treated to performances by the King's Rosario youth team, free clothing, free haircuts and hair styling, activities, and so much more! The church was able to connect with the community and let them experience King's life with people, power, and purpose!

Chile: Talca

The month of May 2024, we would like to feature our extension in Talca, Chile led by Pastors Edwardo and Rita Munoz. Pastors Bruno and Heather were able to travel there and do a whole week of revival services, encouraging and strengthening the church there. The Holy Spirit showed up in power and people's lives were touched mightily!

April-May 2024

This month we would like to feature our King's church in Puerto Varas, Chile under the leadership of Pastor Solange. She writes, 

"Gracias a Dios estamos muy bien. De a poquito la iglesia va creciendo.

Thank God we are doing well. Little by little the church has been growing.

No ha sido fácil, ha sido lento pero Dios ha sido bueno!

It has not been easy, it has been slow, but God has been good!

Me gustaría que estuvieran orando por crecimiento, tanto de personas como el crescimiento espiritual… 

I would really appreciate if you could pray for growth, both growth in the amount of people joining the church and also for spiritual growth in the people that are here.


Muchas gracias!!! Thank you very much!!!"

As a global church, we ask that you join us in praying for each and every leader in every King's extension all over the world. They need encouragement and the grace of God being poured upon them in order to continue in their calling without becoming weary, quitting, or compromising with sin. Let us pray Hebrews 12:1,12 "let us lay aside every weight...and let us run with endurance the race set before us, looking to Jesus...[12] therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble that what is lame may not be dislocated, but rather healed."

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